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Exo Terra Faunarium All Purpose Terrarium Large

Brand Exo Terra

SKU 95698
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Product Benefits:



The Exo Terra Faunarium is a versatile and user-friendly terrarium designed to accommodate a variety of small animals, including reptiles, amphibians, mice, arachnids, and insects. It is made of durable and transparent plastic, allowing you to observe your pets easily. The Faunarium is stackable, making it convenient for housing multiple animals or creating a space-saving setup.

This all-purpose terrarium features a secure locking lid to prevent escape and ensure the safety of your pets. The well-ventilated design provides adequate airflow, maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment for the animals inside.

The Exo Terra Faunarium is commonly used for temporary housing, transportation, and quarantine purposes. It is a practical choice for hobbyists, breeders, and pet owners who need a simple and functional enclosure for small animals.

Due to its lightweight and portable nature, the Exo Terra Faunarium is also commonly used by reptiles and amphibian enthusiasts during field trips, educational events, and exhibitions. Its transparent design allows for easy observation and presentation of the animals.

Overall, the Exo Terra Faunarium is a reliable and adaptable terrarium suitable for various small animals, providing a safe and comfortable habitat for them to thrive in.


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