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Pet Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap

Brand Pet Mate

SKU 94703
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The Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap is an excellent solution for pet owners looking to control their cat's access while keeping stray cats at bay. This innovative cat flap works with a small magnet attached to your cat's collar, acting as an identification tag to allow entry through the flap.

The 4-way locking system is easy to use and offers versatile options. You can set the flap to Unlocked, allowing your cat to come and go freely, or choose In Only or Out Only mode, controlling their movement. When needed, you can also set it to Locked to prevent any access.

Designed to fit most door sizes, the cat flap is self-lining, accommodating doors up to 6cm thick. The silent action of the flap ensures it won't frighten pets or disturb their owners, providing a calm environment for your furry friend.

The transparent, magnetically closing flap is designed to be inviting for most cats, encouraging them to use it with ease. Moreover, the flap is draft and weatherproof, ensuring that your cat is comfortable in any weather conditions.

With a measurement of 19.5cm wide x 24.2cm high, the cut-out size for installation is 16.8cm wide x 21.9cm high. The Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Flap is a reliable and user-friendly solution for managing your cat's access and keeping unwanted visitors out.


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