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Danish Design Maritime Blue Box Dog Duvets

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The Maritime Range from Danish Design offers a stylish and nautical-inspired collection of fabrics for your pet. The range combines linen-look stripes and denim-look textures, creating a fresh and relaxed aesthetic. Each product in the field is adorned with a special nautical edition of the Danish Design embroidered paw, adding a touch of charm. 

The Maritime Range is available in two colour options: blue denim with blue/cream stripes and blue denim with red/cream stripes. These colour combinations evoke a classic maritime theme, reminiscent of sailing and coastal adventures. 

The materials used in the Maritime Range are a blend of 10% cotton and 90% polyester. This combination ensures durability, comfort, and easy maintenance. The cotton content adds a soft and natural feel, while the polyester provides resilience and longevity.

Whether you're looking for a comfortable bed, a cosy blanket, or stylish accessories for your pet, the Maritime Range offers a range of options to suit your preferences. The collection's fresh and nautical design will add a touch of seaside charm to your pet's belongings and complement your home decor.

Choose the Maritime Range from Danish Design to give your pet a comfortable and stylish experience that captures the essence of coastal living.

Size guide:

Medium 88 x 67 x 12cm
Large 125 x 79 x 12cm


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