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Danish Design Boot Dog Bed

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Product Benefits:



The Danish Design Boot Bed is a versatile and practical solution for pet owners who want to protect their car boots while travelling with their furry friends. This specially designed bed serves a dual purpose, functioning as a protective cover for your car boot and transforming into a comfortable bed when not in use in the car.

When placed in your car boot, the Boot Bed provides a soft and padded surface that helps safeguard your vehicle against dirt, pet hair, and scratches. It helps keep your car interior clean and protects it from any potential damage caused by your pet's claws or accidents.

The Boot Bed is not limited to car use alone. It can also be used as a practical bed for your pet outdoors or indoors. Its durable construction and quality materials make it suitable for various environments. Whether you're on a camping trip, visiting friends and family, or simply relaxing at home, you can easily set up the Boot Bed for your pet to enjoy a comfortable resting place.

The Danish Design Boot Bed offers convenience and versatility for pet owners on the go. It provides a secure and cosy space for your pet while ensuring the protection of your car boot. Invest in this multi-functional accessory to make your travels and outings with your pet more enjoyable and stress-free.

Size guide:

Medium 80 x 60 x 17cm
Large 100 x 78 x 21cm


Customer Reviews

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High quality

Immediately I want to note the high quality. Not a single thread sticks out anywhere. All seams are smooth and neat. I am also glad that the fabric is waterproof. It is enough to wipe the sunbed first with a damp cloth, and then with a dry one. I bought it and didn't regret it. This is very useful.

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