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[Clearance Sale] Hill's Science Plan Adult Medium with Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food 14kg

Brand Hills

SKU 90484-sts

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Maize, wheat, lamb meal, soybean meal, animal fat, maize gluten meal, brewers' rice, digest, vegetable oil, flaxseed, minerals.


HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN Adult dog food with Lamb & Rice is carefully designed to provide the essential energy requirements for dogs during the prime years of their life. This specially formulated diet ensures they stay active and healthy.

The food contains Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E, which work together to promote beautiful skin and a lustrous coat for your canine companion. Your dog's skin will remain healthy, and its coat will look glossy, enhancing its overall appearance.

Moreover, the diet features high-quality Lamb & Rice, which are gentle on the stomach and contribute to healthy digestion. This ensures that your dog can comfortably process their food and absorb the nutrients they need.

To support lean muscle development, the formula includes high-quality protein. This helps in building and preserving lean muscles, ensuring your dog remains strong, agile, and in top physical condition.

In conclusion, HILL'S SCIENCE PLAN Adult dog food with Lamb & Rice provides the necessary fuel for dogs during their prime life stage. With its focus on skin and coat care, gentle digestion, and muscle maintenance, this premium dog food ensures that your loyal companion enjoys a healthy and happy life.

Feeding Guide

Body weight (kg) Dry grams
2.5 60
5 100
7.5 135
10 170
20 285
30 385
40 480
50 570
60 + 11 per kg

Mixed feeding guide

Body weight (kg) Cans 370g Dry grams
2.5 1/2 10
5 1/2 50
7.5 1 35
10 1 70
20 1 185
30 2 190
40 2 280
50 2 370
60 + 2 8 per kg


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