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Catsan Hygiene Plus Cat Litter 10L

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Brand Catsan

SKU 94630
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Product Benefits:



Catsan™ Hygiene Plus Litter is a top-quality cat litter that addresses the common concerns of odour, hygiene, and sensitivity. Its unique fine-pored mineral granules play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and fresh litter box environment for both cats and owners.

One of the standout features of Catsan™ Hygiene Plus Litter is its exceptional ability to lock in odours and bacteria effectively. The fine-pored mineral granules work as a natural absorbent, trapping odours and preventing the growth of bacteria, which helps keep the litter box fresh and hygienic.

Another significant benefit is that Catsan™ Hygiene Plus Litter is 99.7% dust-free, ensuring a clean and dust-free environment for both cats and their owners. The low dust content also contributes to a healthier living space, especially for those who might be sensitive to dust particles.

The litter's composition, made from 100% natural lime and quartz sand, makes it gentle on sensitive cat paws, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your feline friends.

The clean white colour of the litter not only gives it a hygienic appearance but also serves a practical purpose. Changes in the colour of the litter can indicate potential health issues in your cat's urine, allowing you to detect any abnormalities and address them promptly.

Overall, Catsan™ Hygiene Plus Litter offers a high-quality and effective solution for cat litter needs, with its fine-pored mineral granules locking in odours and bacteria, low dust content, and sensitivity to cat paws. It provides a fresh and hygienic environment for your cats and helps you keep a close eye on their health and well-being.

How it works

Each granule contains thousands of micro-pores, which act like a sponge, binding and absorbing large quantities of liquid. 

The granules are sprayed with a mineral salt solution, for excellent odour control, and achieve over 97% ammonia reduction.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
the most hygienic cat litter

We chose this cat litter, as it absorbs moisture quicker than others. The full litter tray practically does not smell unpleasantly, even if we did not remove the litter in time. The granules absorb moisture like a sponge. This is really the most hygienic cat litter of all from other manufactures that we have tried.