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Classic Meat in Jelly Wet Cat Food 6 x 400g

Brand Classic

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With Chicken Chicken (Necks, Viscera) 42%, Liver (Chicken & Beef) 5%, Vitamins & Minerals With Game Chicken (Necks, Viscera) 40%, Game (Duck Carcass and Offals) 4%, Liver (Beef or Chicken) 4%, Vitamins & Minerals With Beef Chicken (Necks, Viscera) 40%, Beef (Beef Liver) 4%, Vitamins & Mineral

Nutrition Breakdown:

NutritiProtein 8.5, Crude Fibre 0.2, Fat Content 5.5, Crude Ash 2, Moisture 82

Feeding Guidelines:



Experience Classic, is a fully comprehensive diet tailored for adult cats, delivering a rich array of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for feline well-being. This remarkable formula stands out as Grain & Gluten-free, incorporating the benefits of Vitamin D and minerals to uphold strong teeth and bones. Crafted with a commitment to natural ingredients, it remains free from artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

Harnessing the power of essential taurine, Classic actively contributes to the preservation of healthy eyes and heart function. Its abundant natural protein content fulfils the requirements of essential amino acids, crucial for maintaining robust muscles. Rest assured, this nutritionally balanced offering is not only complete but also embodies a dedication to holistic feline nutrition.