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Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay Food 1kg

Brand Excel

SKU 94956
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Product Benefits:



Timothy Hay 100%.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Beneficial Fibre 63%, Crude Protein 8%, Crude Olis & Fats 1.8%, Crude Fibre 33%, Crude Ash 7%, Sodium 0.00%

Feeding Guidelines:



Absolutely! We understand the importance of providing high-quality hay for rabbits to support their dental health and overall well-being. Hay plays a vital role in maintaining their teeth, and digestive system, and providing them with essential mental and physical stimulation.

That's why Burgess Excel offers Long Stem Feeding Hay, made from Timothy Hay that is harvested at the right time and carefully dried within 48 hours. The long stems of the hay are perfect for satisfying your rabbit's natural chewing instincts, promoting dental health, and preventing dental issues.

In addition to its dental benefits, Long Stem Feeding Hay also encourages natural foraging behaviour in rabbits. Allowing them to graze on long stems, it provides them with mental stimulation and the opportunity to exhibit their natural foraging instincts.

We understand that managing hay can sometimes be messy, which is why our Long Stem Feeding Hay comes in a convenient resealable bag. This helps to keep the hay fresh and prevents unnecessary waste, ensuring that your rabbits can enjoy every tasty stalk.

At Burgess Excel, we are committed to providing the best quality hay for your rabbits. We know that rabbits need to consume an amount of hay equivalent to their own body size each day to support their dental and digestive health. With our Long Stem Feeding Hay, you can be confident that you are providing your rabbits with the essential nutrition and enrichment they need to lead happy and healthy lives.

Choose Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay for your rabbits and give them the best quality hay to support their well-being and provide them with hours of enjoyable chewing and foraging.


Customer Reviews

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Fresh and of high quality

My rabbit loves this hay, he eats a very large amount of it every day. But I know it does good for him. The rabbit likes to chew the hay, after that he is in a good playful mood. You can see that the hay is fresh and of high quality.