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Bob Martin Clear Home Spray 200ml

Brand Bob Martin

SKU 91964
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Product Benefits:



Bob Martin Clear Home & Furniture Flea Spray is a useful product designed to effectively kill fleas and ticks on contact, providing relief from these pests in your home. The spray also helps prevent further infestations for up to 3 months, which can be particularly beneficial if your pet continues to bring fleas into your living space.

Using this scientifically proven flea spray as part of a comprehensive flea control program can help eradicate infestations and maintain a flea-free environment. It is important to follow the instructions provided on the product's label to ensure safe and effective use.

The Bob Martin Clear Home & Furniture Flea Spray is specifically designed for use on carpets, rugs, and pet bedding. These areas are common hotspots for flea infestations, as they provide a suitable environment for fleas to thrive and reproduce.

When using the spray, it's essential to treat all affected areas thoroughly to ensure that fleas and ticks are adequately targeted and eliminated. Additionally, combining the spray's application with regular pet treatments and good hygiene practices can help achieve more comprehensive flea control.

As with any pesticide product, it's essential to use the Bob Martin Clear Home & Furniture Flea Spray with care and caution. Keep pets and people out of the treated area during application, and follow any safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

In conclusion, the Bob Martin Clear Home & Furniture Flea Spray can be a valuable tool in your efforts to combat fleas and ticks in your home. Its ability to kill pests on contact and prevent further infestations for up to 3 months makes it a practical and effective part of your flea control strategy. However, remember that maintaining your pet's regular flea treatments and maintaining proper hygiene practices are crucial for a successful flea control program. If you have any concerns or specific questions about using the spray, consulting with a veterinarian or professional pest control service is advisable.

Directions for use:

  • Remove the cap and spray from a distance of 20cm onto surfaces
  • Target areas where insects would walk and hide, such as cracks and crevices
  • Spray directly onto pets’ bedding
  • Re-apply weekly during the summer months
  • Re-spray home, as necessary
  • Bob Martin Clear Home & Furniture Flea Spray 200ml should be used as part of an effective flea control programme. Use a product from the Bob Martin Clear range of spot-ons, collars, sprays, shampoos or powder in conjunction with this product to ensure both your pet and home remain flea-free.


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