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Billy & Margot Beef Liver Bites Dog Treats - 60g

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Product description

Billy & Margot Venison Dog Treats

Due to the short supply of sourcing Venison Livers (as Deers only have one Liver you can understand why) Billy & Margot have changed to Beef Liver bites to ensure our customers are still receiving the great properties that Liver treats give to our dogs.

Rich in B Vitamins for digestion, skin & nervous system
Packed with natural enzymes for hormone regulation
Contains Omega 3 Fats for skin, joints & cellular health
Highly nutritious form of protein for building strength

Dogs have a natural desire to chew. When they do, it releases happy hormones, or endorphins, into their system. Chewing also strengthens gums and cleans teeth, promoting dental and oral health.

A healthy snack, high in protein.

Do not feed to puppies under the age of 14 weeks old.

Store in a cool dry place. After opening, please reseal and put in refrigerator and use within 7 days.


100% air-dried beef liver

Analytical Constituents:

Moisture 20.3%
Protein 50.6%
Fat 10.1%
Crude fibres 6.9%
Inorganic matters 3.8%

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