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Aquarian Algae Wafers Chips Fish Food 85g

Brand Aquarian

SKU 95013
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Product Benefits:


Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 28.0%, Fat 5.7%, Ash 10.0%, Fibre 3.5%

Feeding Guidelines:



AQUARIAN Algae Wafer is a 100% balanced and complete diet specially designed for bottom dwelling fish, such as catfish and loaches, that have a preference for algae-based food. It provides all the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary to support the health and well-being of these fish.

The unique recipe of AQUARIAN Algae Wafer includes a combination of three types of algae. This nutrient-rich blend ensures that your fish receive a diverse range of essential nutrients, which no single algae source can provide on its own. By incorporating multiple types of algae, the diet mimics the natural feeding habits of these fish, helping to promote their overall health.

AQUARIAN Algae Wafer is carefully formulated to provide a balanced and complete diet, meeting the specific nutritional needs of algae eating fish. It supports their growth, vitality, and immune system, while also enhancing their natural coloration.

Feeding your bottom dwelling fish with AQUARIAN Algae Wafer ensures that they receive a nutritious and satisfying meal that replicates their natural diet. By providing a specialized diet for their dietary preferences, you can help to support their overall health and well-being.

Choose AQUARIAN Algae Wafer as a reliable and scientifically formulated option to provide your catfish, loaches, and other bottom dwelling fish with a balanced and complete diet. Enjoy watching them thrive and appreciate their vibrant colors as they receive the nutrients they need to thrive.


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