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Adaptil Calm Diffuser for Dogs 48ml

Brand Adaptil

SKU 92598
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Product Benefits:



ADAPTIL Calm Refill is designed to provide continuous comfort and support to dogs in stressful situations. It works in conjunction with the ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser, which is a plug-in device that releases synthetic pheromones mimicking the natural appeasing pheromones produced by lactating dogs. These pheromones help create a sense of calm and security for dogs, reducing anxiety and stress-related behaviours.

The ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser should be plugged into an electrical outlet in the room where your dog spends most of its time. The pheromones released by the diffuser create a reassuring environment that can help dogs cope with various stressors such as separation anxiety, loud noises, travel, or new surroundings. The refill should be replaced every month to ensure continuous effectiveness.

Anxiety plug-ins for dogs, such as the ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser, can be used in various situations to help alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of calmness. Some common scenarios where these plug-ins can be beneficial include:

  • During fireworks or thunderstorms: The loud noises and flashes of light during fireworks or thunderstorms can be distressing for many dogs. Using an anxiety plug-in can help create a calming atmosphere and reduce your dog's anxiety during these events.
  • Separation anxiety: Dogs with separation anxiety may become anxious or stressed when left alone. The pheromones released by the diffuser can help provide a sense of security and ease their anxiety when you're not around.
  • Travel or new environments: Dogs can feel anxious or unsettled when travelling or when introduced to new environments. The calming effect of the diffuser can help them adjust more easily and reduce stress-related behaviours.

    It's important to note that anxiety plug-ins, including the ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser, should be used as part of a comprehensive approach to managing your dog's anxiety. Other measures, such as proper socialization, positive reinforcement training, and environmental enrichment, may also be necessary to address your dog's specific needs.