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Zylkene Chews for Medium Dogs(10-30kg) - 225mg

Brand Zylkene

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Product description

Zylkene Calming Chews for Dogs & Cats are an effective and natural choice to help cats and dogs cope with stressful situations.
Zylkene Calming Chews contain a natural ingredient derived from casein, a protein in milk. It is a molecule well known to promote the relaxation of new-borns after breastfeeding. Since its launch, Zylkene has become a familiar product for veterinary surgeons, behaviourists, nurses and pet owners for use in helping pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations or before occasions such as a change in their normal environment.
Key Features & Benefits
Easy to give and with no side effects
Lactose free
Promotes pet relaxation
Zylkene can help in the following situations
Fireworks & loud noises
During stays at catteries or kennels
Helping a new pet adjust to your home
Helping your pet adjust to a new person in your home
Vet visits
Home alone
Moving home
When to use Zylkene?
Short term - Begin administration 1-2 days before the predicted stressful event or change in their environment.
Long term - Give Zylkene to the dog or cat for one month then reassess their behaviour, continue if needed.
Large Dogs 450mg: 15-30kg - 1 Chew; 30-60kg - 2 Chews
Medium Dogs 225mg: 10-15kg - 1 Chew; 15-30kg - 2 Chews
Small Dogs & Cats 75mg: Up to 5kg - 1 Chew; 5-10kg - 2 Chews
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