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Vitalin Royale Dry Dog Food - 15kg

Brand Vitalin

SKU 91017
Price: £20.39
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Product description

Vitalin Royale is a nutritionally complete balanced adult maintenance diet in a combination of muesli, crunchy kibbles and meaty chunks and does not require any additional meat or supplements.

Contains 18% Meat

Crunchy Muesli Mix - delicious flakes of muesli made with cooked wheat, sweetcorn and barley.

Complete Balanced Diet - perfectly formulated mix ensures that your dog will thrive on Vitalin Royale.

Pet Maintenance Formulation specifically formulated for adult dogs with normal energy requirements - made with meat, marrowbone and cereals to provide the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, calcium, oils and all of the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a happy, healthy, active life.

Vitamins & Minerals for a happy, healthy life.

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