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Show love to your Pet every day!
Show love to your Pet every day!

Purina Veterinary Diet Canine/Feline CN Convalescence Wet Dog/Cat Food - 24 x 195G

by Purina

Product Description

PURINA VETERINARY DIETS CN is a highly palatable and digestible complete veterinary diet with a high nutrient density. It is particularly useful for convalescing or malnourished pets such as those recovering from illness or injury, and dogs who require more intense nutrition such as nursing bitches. PVD CN is suitable for puppies/kittens as well as adult dogs and cats.

  • Increased levels of high quality protein to help recovery and aid repair
  • High nutrient density to provide energy for recovery
  • High digestibility

Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fat, various sugars.

Highly digestible ingredients: kidney, liver, turkey, fish oil.

Nutrients: Moisture : 76.0%
Protein: 11.2%
Fat content: 8.0%
Crude ash: 3.0%
Crude fibres: 0.3%
Taurine: 1 700mg/kg

Vit. A: 1 390;
Vit. D3: 190;
Vit. E: 300;
E1: 40.5;
E2: 0.78;
E4: 5.0;
E5: 7.1;
E6: 99;
E8: 0.066.

It is recommended that a veterinarian’s opinion be sought before use and for kitten and puppy daily doses. Recommended length of time for use: until restoration is achieved.