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Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml

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Brand Pet Remedy

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Product Benefits:



Pet Remedy is a product that has undergone several years of research and trials, resulting in a unique formula using a low concentration of Valerian essential oil. This special blend also includes Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Sage essential oils.

The way Pet Remedy works is by interacting with the brain's natural messengers called neuro-transmitters. These neurotransmitters play a crucial role in transmitting messages to the nerves, instructing them to either calm down (via the GABA pathway) or become more active (get 'fired up').

During times of stress or anxiety, the nerves in our pets can become overstimulated, leading to various signs of stress and discomfort. This can manifest as behaviours like restlessness, excessive barking, aggression, or hiding.

The unique Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is designed to work alongside these natural relaxation pathways in the brain. By doing so, it helps to calm the overstimulated nerves of anxious or stressed pets. The calming effect helps reduce the signs of stress that we often see in our pets during challenging situations or changes in their environment.

Pet Remedy provides a natural and non-intrusive way to support pets in coping with stress and anxiety. It does not sedate the pets but instead helps them feel more relaxed and at ease. The blend is carefully formulated with low concentrations of essential oils to be safe for pets and to provide a gentle and soothing effect.

This product is available in various forms, such as diffusers, sprays, and wipes, making it easy to use in different situations. Pet owners can use Pet Remedy to create a calming environment for their pets during events like fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits, or other stressful situations.

By working with the brain's natural relaxation pathways, Pet Remedy offers pet owners a natural and effective option to help their furry companions manage stress and anxiety, promoting a happier and more relaxed pet.


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