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Show love to your Pet every day!
Show love to your Pet every day!

NUTRO Wild Frontier Chicken & Turkey in Loaf Wet Dog Food Trays - 20 x 300g

by Nutro

Product Description

NUTRO Wild Frontier Chicken & Turkey in Loaf Tray Wet Dog Food - 20 x 300g

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NUTRO™ WILD FRONTIER™ Dog Adult Wet With Salmon & Whitefish offers a grain free, high protein food for your dog that imitates what their ancestors would have eaten in the wild. Made with 90% animal ingredients from high quality protein sources like salmon and whitefish, it's perfect for combining with NUTRO™ WILD FRONTIER™ Dry Dog recipes. Feed your dog what they instinctively desire. NUTRO. FEED CLEAN.™

NUTRO™ WILD FRONTIER™ offers grain free, high protein dry and wet  pet foods that imitate wild dogs' and cats' natural diets. Our dry recipes, with 70% animal ingredients, and our wet recipes, with 90% animal ingredients, are packed with protein to give your pet all the energy they need to play out their wild instinct. Made with non-GMO ingredients, upwards of +40% total protein, never more than 10 plant-based ingredients, and fresh animal protein, NUTRO™ WILD FRONTIER™ is the food that dogs and cats with a wild instinct long for. Feed your pet what they instinctively desire.

Key Benefits:

  • Made with 90% animal ingredients for a taste your dog will love
  • Non-GMO
  • Grain free and free of wheat, soy protein, dairy products, and maize
  • Nutritionally complete and balanced
  • Perfect for combining with NUTRO™ WILD FRONTIER™ Dry Dog recipes


35% Chicken (Necks, Deboned Ground Chicken, Hearts, Liver)

33% Turkey (Deboned Ground Turkey, Hearts, Liver)

Chicken Broth Concentrate (0.5% Equals 28% Chicken Broth)

Dried Beet Pulp


Analytical constituents (%):


Fat content:5.9

Inorganic matter:1.8

Crude fibres:1


Additives per kg:

Nutritional additives:

Vitamin D3:300 IU

Calcium iodate anhydrous:0.56 mg

Cupric sulphate pentahydrate:6.54 mg

Ferrous sulphate monohydrate:15 mg

Manganous sulphate monohydrate:8.4 mg

Zinc sulphate monohydrate:44.5 mg

Technological additives:

Cassia gum:2500 mg

Feeding Guide

Feeding instructions: A 5 kg dog requires 1/2 tray and 45 g dry food daily, a 10 kg dog 3/4 tray and 80g dry food daily, a 20 kg dog 1 1/4 trays and 135g dry food daily. We recommend to feed a mix of complete NUTRO™ wet and dry food. Visit our website ore-mailour Consumer Careline for feeding information. Fresh water should always be available. Serve food at room temperature, surplus food can be chilled for up to 2 days.