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Mr Johnson’s Wildlife Swan/Duck & Goose Food 750g

Brand Mr Johnsons

SKU 95249
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Wheat, wheat feed, maize, soya, fish meal, soya oil.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Crude protein 17.5%, crude fibre 4%, crude oils & fats 4%, crude ash 4%

Feeding Guidelines:



Mr Johnson's Wildlife SWAN, DUCK & GOOSE FOOD sounds like a specially designed complementary food to provide nutrition and enjoyment for wildfowl such as swans, ducks, and geese. Wildfowl have specific dietary needs, and this food is formulated to meet those requirements.

The inclusion of wheat and maize provides a good source of carbohydrates, which are essential for providing energy to these waterfowl. Fish meal is an excellent source of protein, supporting muscle development and overall health.

The fact that the food comes in bite-sized nuggets is a thoughtful feature, as it makes it easier for the wildfowl to eat and manage the food. Additionally, these bite-sized pieces could encourage more natural feeding behaviours in these birds.

It's essential to provide supplementary food for wildfowl responsibly, as offering excessive amounts of food can lead to health issues and dependency on human-provided food. Complementary food like Mr Johnson's Wildlife SWAN, DUCK & GOOSE FOOD should be offered occasionally as a treat and not replace their natural foraging behaviours.


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