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Show love to your Pet every day!
Show love to your Pet every day!

Hill's Prescription Diet Multicare Stew with Chicken and Vegetables Wet Dog Food Can - 12 x 354g

by Hills

Product Description

Urinary Care:

Bladder stones are collections of mineral crystals that combine together in the urinary tract. They can cause discomfort and lead to more serious problems that require the care of a veterinarian. Hill's nutritionists & veterinarians developed Prescription Diet™ c/d™ Multicare clinical nutrition especially formulated to support your dog's urinary health and help reduce the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stones.This irresistible Prescription Diet™ Stew with chicken and added vegetables contains gently cooked bite-sized chunks.

Reduces the risk of calcium oxalate and struvite stones

Helps dissolve struvite stones

Recommended for lifelong feeding of adult dogs 

Controlled levels of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium

Enriched with antioxidants, potassium citrate & omega-3 fatty acids

Controlled fat levels

Low sodium

With Chicken & added Vegetables: Chicken (10%), pork liver, rice flour, maize starch, digest, cellulose, rice, soybean oil, dried peas, dried carrots, minerals, wheat gluten, flaxseed, fish oil, vitamins and trace elements. Total vegetables (1%).