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Show love to your Pet every day!
Show love to your Pet every day!

Hill's Prescription Diet A/D Restorative Care with Chicken Dog/Cat Food - 24 x 156g

by Hills

Product Description

Manufacturer's View

  • For the nutritional management of pets recovering from serious illness, accidents and surgery.
  • Increased special proteins to support wound healing and the immune system.
  • Easily digestible ingredients and extra calories for pets recovering from surgery or serious illness.
  • Extra tasty with a soft consistency that makes it easier to feed by hand or syringe.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee We're confident your pet will enjoy Hill's™ Prescription Diet™ foods that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.*

*Our Hill's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee covers quality, consistency and palatability. If you are unhappy with any of our diets, simply return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement.



with Chicken: Turkey liver, pork, chicken (10%), maize, fish oil, minerals, taurine, vitamins and trace elements.

Average Nutrient and Caloric Content

Nutrition Per 100 kcal ME
Arginine:566.37 mg
Branched-chain amino acids:1.36 g
Beta-carotene:247.79 mg
Calcium:247.79 mg
Carbohydrate (NFE):2.74 g
Copper:0.5 mg
Crude Ash:1.95 g
Fat:6.9 g
Fibre (crude): 88.5 g
Folic acid:0.08 mg
Glutamine/glutamate:1.18 g
Iron:5.81 g
Magnesium: 17.7 mg
Moisture: 67.7 g
Niacin:2.57 mg
Omega-3 fatty acids 504.42 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids1.4 g
Pantothenate:1.12 mg
Phosphorous: 238.94 mg
Potassium: 238.94 mg
Protein:9.12 g
Riboflavin:0.43 mg
Sodium:176.99 mg
Taurine: 132.74 mg
Thiamin:0.88 mg
Vitamin A10:2976.11 IU
Vitamin D10:35.4 IU
Vitamin E10: 25.22 mg
Zinc:5.48 mg

Daily Feeding Guide

These ranges are a starting point only, because animals' needs vary. Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.

Ideal Body Weight Cans per day
2.5 3/4
5 1 1/3
10 2 1/4
20 3 3/4
30 5
40 6 1/4
50+ 1 1/2 per 10 kg