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Hatchwells Rock Sulphur 141g

Brand Hatchwell

SKU 92588
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Our time-tested product has been used for generations as a wonderful solution to beat the heat during hot weather. It is an additive specifically designed for cats, dogs, horses, and small animals to be mixed into their drinking water.

By adding this product to your pets' water, the natural minerals disperse into the water, helping to keep them cooler during scorching temperatures. This can be especially beneficial in hot climates or during heat waves when pets may struggle to stay cool.

Not only does it aid in keeping your pets comfortable in hot weather, but it can also contribute to improving their skin conditions. The natural minerals in the additive may have soothing properties, promoting healthier skin and a more comfortable experience for your beloved companions.

With a long-standing history of effectiveness, our product continues to provide a refreshing and beneficial solution to help your pets stay cool and content during hot weather while supporting their overall well-being. Keep your pets happy and comfortable with this reliable and natural additive!


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