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Hatchwell Bird Cage Cuttlefish Holder

Brand Hatchwell

SKU 95223
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The Two Cuttlefish Holders are a fantastic addition to most standard wire bird cages, offering added enrichment and nutrition to your bird's environment. These holders are specially designed to attach easily to the cage, providing a convenient and accessible spot for your bird to enjoy cuttlefish.

Made from strong and durable materials, these holders can withstand considerable pulling pressure, ensuring they remain securely attached to the cage even during active play. Cuttlefish is an excellent source of essential minerals, and having it easily accessible in the cage encourages natural pecking and nibbling behaviour, promoting your bird's overall health and well-being.

With the Two Cuttlefish Holders, you can enhance your bird's living space while providing them with an enjoyable and nutritious activity. Your feathered friend will appreciate the enrichment and engagement these holders offer, making their time in the cage even more enjoyable!

Contents – 2 Holders 2 x 70mm x 38mm x 12mm


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