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Harringtons Senior Chicken Dry Dog Food - 2kg

Brand Harringtons

SKU 90749
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Product description

Harringtons Senior Chicken Dry Dog Food - 2kg

PetsMagnet’s Summary

A complete, tasty food specially formulated for senior dogs. Rich in chicken yet boasting 25% less fat than standard adult Harringtons, this feed is perfect for older, less mobile dogs. It also has added glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain healthy and flexible joints.

Feel free toe-mailour pet health specialist for more advice on 

Key Points

Suitable for: Senior Dogs (7+)

Main Ingredient: The main ingredient is maize.

Main Meat Source: 14% Chicken Meal

Protein Amount: This diet is 21% protein.

Product Aim: To allow older dogs to stay healthy and avoid weight gain.

Allergy Benefits: Unknown; does contain some ingredients which commonly cause allergies.

Is it a natural product? Yes, contains no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.

Does it include any additives? Yes, to benefit the dog's health, like vitamins and minerals.

Wind, bad breath & teeth benefits?  Yucca  in the diet helps to limit wind. Dry food helps ‘clean' the teeth and avoid bad breath.

Can I only feed this one product? Yes, it is a complete food so there is no need to feed other food with it - just supply fresh clean water in a bowl too.

How does it keep my dog fit and healthy?

Maintenance and Growth - The diet is complete so it contains all that your pet needs to support their health and growth.
Immune System- Contains citrus extracts and vitamin E to help support a healthy immune system.  

And, how do I feed it to my dog?

You can just give the food straight to your dog as it is! However, always follow the feeding guideline to know how much to feed.

So, Is it a good food to buy?

This is an easy and reasonably priced product to feed your pet. It also helps with common problems associated with senior dogs, namely joint health and weight gain.

Manufacturer's View

It has been carefully formulated to provide wholesome nutrition and contains no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.


Composition: Maize, Chicken Meal (14%), Barley, Meat Meal, Rice (11%), Oats (5%), Poultry Gravy, Linseed, Beet Pulp, Poultry Fat, Minerals, Kelp (0.2%), Yeast (source of MOS 0.1%), Glucosamine (0.1%), Chondroitin (0.05%), Citrus Extract (0.04%), Yucca Extract (0.01%), Marigold (0.005%).


Nutritional Component






Crude Fibre


Crude Ash


Omega 6


Omega 3


Feeding Guide

Adult Weight

Daily Amount









Advice: Who likes cereal without milk? Always provide plenty of clean fresh water for your dog too!

This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details. The feeding quantities are based on the average healthy dog. Individual feeding needs depend on many factors, including weight, age, size, activity level and environment. So, feeding amounts needed may vary and should be adjusted as required to maintain a lean, healthy body and weight.

If you wanted to feed a mixed diets, perhaps wet and dry food, then be sure to alter the feeding quantities accordingly to avoid over-feeding your dog.

Again, feel free toe-mailour pet health specialist for more advice on

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