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Exo Terra Reptile UVB150 Desert Terrarium Bulb 13W

Brand Exo Terra

SKU 95164
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Product Benefits:



The Exo Terra Reptile UVB150 is a specialized UVB bulb designed to mimic the high UVB output of sunlight in desert environments. In deserts, reptiles are exposed to more direct sunlight, and they require higher levels of UVB radiation to synthesize vitamin D3 and maintain proper calcium metabolism.

UVB radiation is essential for reptiles as it allows them to produce vitamin D3 in their skin, which is crucial for absorbing calcium from their diet. Adequate calcium absorption is necessary for healthy bone and shell development and to prevent metabolic diseases like metabolic bone disease (MBD) in reptiles.

The UVB150 bulb has a very high UVB output, providing reptiles with the necessary UVB radiation they need for vitamin D3 synthesis. This is particularly important for desert reptiles that are naturally exposed to intense sunlight. However, even in terrariums with denser screen covers, the UVB150 can be used effectively. The bulb's high output compensates for the UVB rays filtered out by the screen, ensuring that reptiles receive sufficient UVB radiation for their health.

Using the Exo Terra Reptile UVB150 in terrariums helps create a more natural and healthy environment for desert reptiles, promoting their overall well-being and preventing potential health issues related to vitamin D3 deficiency and calcium metabolism.


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