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Exo Terra Infrared Basking Spot

Brand Exo Terra

SKU 95700
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Product Benefits:



The bulb you are referring to is an infrared heating lamp commonly used for providing heat to reptiles and other cold-blooded animals in their terrariums or enclosures. The lamp emits infrared heat waves, which are essential for creating a warm basking spot within the habitat.

The spot lamp is designed with a built-in reflector, allowing you to direct the heat in a specific direction as needed. This feature is particularly useful for creating a warm area where the reptile can bask and regulate its body temperature.

The bulb has a special filament that produces infrared waves, and the glass of the bulb is red, which allows the transmission of these infrared waves while emitting a reddish light. The red light is important because it won't disrupt the normal activity of the reptile during both day and night. This makes the infrared heating lamp an excellent 24-hour heat source, providing a comfortable and consistent environment for the reptile.

Overall, the infrared heating lamp with its built-in reflector and red glass provides a reliable and efficient way to supply essential heat for reptiles, ensuring their well-being and enabling them to thrive in their terrarium or enclosure.


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