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Cesar Pouch Deliciously Fresh Favourites in Sauce - 8 x 100g

Brand Cesar

SKU 90057
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Product description

Delicious and healthy 100% complete dog food for 100% joyful mealtimes
CESAR pouches are the perfect convenient format for deliciously fresh meals, on their own or on Dry dog food
100g dog food pouches lovingly prepared in delicious sauce or jelly
Quality pet food made with carefully selected ingredients
Delicious dog food recipes made with no added sugars, no artificial colours or flavours

Selection in Sauce with Tasty Chicken & Vegetable Ragout
Selection in Sauce with Tender Beef and Carrots
Selection in Sauce with Tasty Turkey & Carrots
Selection in Sauce with Tender Lamb & Peas

CESAR same delicious recipes in sauce or jelly, in convenient pouches: The perfect format for succulent fresh meals.

Served on their own or on top of his dry food, they will turn mealtimes into moments of joy for him... and for you.

And because all CESAR recipes are healthy and 100% complete, your dog can enjoy them as often as you like.

At CESAR, we understand how the experiences you share with your dog bring you closer together. 
CESAR has created a collection of 100% delicious and 100% complete high quality recipes your dog will love so much... that his mealtimes will be moments of joy for you to share.

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