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Applaws Tuna Fillet with Crab in Broth Wet Cat Food 1x70g

Brand Applaws

SKU 94001
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Product Benefits:



Tuna Fillet 70%, Fish Broth, Crab 5%, Rice.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 13%, Crude Fibre 0.1%, Crude Fat 1%, Crude Ash 1%, Moisture 84%


Applaws Tuna & Crab Wet Cat Food Tins offer a simple and wholesome meal for your feline friend, containing only four all-natural, responsibly sourced ingredients: tuna fillet, crab, fish broth, and rice. This limited ingredient list ensures that every bite is of the highest quality and free from added preservatives, colours, or flavourings.

Key features of Applaws Tuna & Crab Wet Cat Food Tins:

  1. Limited Ingredients: With only four ingredients, this cat food prioritizes simplicity and natural goodness, providing a clean and nutritious meal for your cat.

  2. Responsibly Sourced: The tuna and crab used in this cat food are responsibly sourced, meeting human food standards and ensuring the best quality for your pet.

  3. No Added Preservatives or Artificial Additives: Applaws keeps its recipe pure and additive-free, maintaining the integrity of the natural ingredients and enhancing the overall health benefits.

  4. High in Taurine: Taurine is a crucial amino acid for cats, promoting healthy eyes and heart function. This cat food contains plenty of taurines to support your cat's well-being.

  5. Complementary Food: This product is designed as a complementary food, meaning it should be served alongside other wet or dry foods to ensure a balanced and complete diet for your cat.

Applaws Tuna & Crab Wet Cat Food Tins offer a delightful and nutritious meal option for your cat. The use of real, responsibly sourced ingredients and the exclusion of artificial additives and preservatives make it a premium choice for cat owners seeking high-quality, all-natural nutrition for their feline companions. It's a wonderful way to treat your cat to a delicious meal while providing essential nutrients for their overall health and vitality.


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