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Applaws Kitten Chicken in Jelly Wet Cat Food 24x70g

Brand Applaws

SKU 98852
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Product Benefits:



Chicken 50%, Rice, Vegetable Gelling Agent.

Nutrition Breakdown:

Protein 10%, Crude Fibre 0.1%, Crude Fat 6%, Crude Ash 2%, Moisture 81%


Applaws Chicken Kitten Food is a premium quality and completely natural complementary pet food specially formulated for kittens. This cat food is made with 100% chicken breast as the main ingredient, containing only the ingredients listed on the packaging.

Key features of Applaws Chicken Kitten Food:

  1. 100% Natural: The cat food is made with completely natural ingredients, ensuring a wholesome and nutritious diet for growing kittens.

  2. Complementary Food: Applaws Chicken Kitten Food is designed to complement a complete and balanced diet for kittens. It provides additional nutrients and flavours to support their development.

  3. High-Quality Protein: With chicken breast as the main ingredient, this kitten food offers a high protein content to support healthy growth and muscle development.

  4. No Additives: The cat food is free from any artificial additives, including colours, flavours, and preservatives. This helps maintain a clean and natural diet for kittens.

  5. Focused on Kitten Health: The recipe is specially formulated to cater to the nutritional needs of growing kittens, providing them with essential nutrients for a healthy start in life.

Applaws Chicken Kitten Food aims to offer kittens a simple and nutritious diet, providing the natural goodness of chicken breast as a primary protein source. As a complementary food, it is recommended to feed Applaws Chicken Kitten Food alongside a complete and balanced kitten food, such as dry kibble or other wet foods designed specifically for kittens. Following the feeding guidelines on the packaging ensures that kittens receive the appropriate amount of food to support their healthy growth and development.


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